Tortuga Life Luxury Bath Bombs Gift Set with Bubble Bath Soap-6 Large Ultra Lush Bath Fizzies-Handmade with Essential Oils

The Tortuga Life Luxury Bath Bomb Gift Set with a bonus Lavender scented Bubble Bath provides the most luxurious spa like experience at home. The set includes 6 large 4.5 oz. Ultra lush bath fizzies and a bonus bottle of lavender scented bubble bath The set arrived in a beautiful gift box tied with red ribbon which made it truly special to receive. Each bath bomb has a different and wonderful fragrance;

Catching ZZZZ-with lavender oil
Revive – a citrus blend with peppermint
Spa Day – cocoa butter with honey
Inspiration – jasmine with ylang ylang
Pure Romance – rose and sandalwood
Stiff Muscles – ginger and lemongrass

My favorite of all the Bath Bombs was the Pure Romance scent it was very relaxing and it made my bath time extra special. The bath bombs are made without dyes or artificial colors and include essential oils and no dried flowers or herbs this is important as they do not leave a residue or block pipes making them ideal for tubs, Jacuzzis and foot baths. I love this luxurious set and they would make a fabulous, birthday, anniversary, housewarming or another special occasion gift or for my reason just because I needed some special relaxation time and pampering.



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