CiPU Diaper Bag – Tote Bag CT-Bag 9 Pieces Combo Set – Grey

I love my new CiPU Diaper Bag I chose it in the color British Grey which looks stunning. It looks like my high-end purse and not a diaper bag however, it includes so many details which are perfect for Mom and baby alike. Firstly the fabric is so soft and cozy and it is waterproof which is amazing. The diaper bag has so many pockets there are 9 interior, the interior is a beautiful vibrant bright pink and I can see exactly what is in there, there are also 2 elasticized mesh pockets inside which are the perfect size for bottles. On the outside, there are 4 pockets and a buckle for holding keys or toys and a secret compartment under the bag which is perfect for dirty clothes and shoes. There is a double pocket pouch which can hold my tablet, phone, and purse and it still has room for baby items. There is also a smaller clutch which is great when I just need a few items with me on a quick trip to the store. There is also a lovely changing mat which is grey on one side and pink on the other and there are buggy hooks which are very useful. This is the best diaper bag that I have ever owned; it looks beautiful and is so well designed it works well for my essentials as well as all of my babies essentials. There are many lovely colors in this collection it was very hard to choose one color.
I received the product for free or at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Link: CiPU Diaper Bag – Tote Bag CT-Bag 9 Pieces Combo Set – Grey


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