Pratico Kitchen 18oz Leak-Proof Glass Bottles

The 2 pack of Pratico Kitchen 18oz Glass Bottles are amazing. I like to make my own juice and these glass bottles are perfect for juice storage in the fridge as they are tall. The glass does not impart any taste or leak harmful chemicals into the juice like a plastic bottle can. I can clearly see what kind of juice is inside the bottles, unlike plastic which is usually colored. The openings are wide enough for easy filling. The lids close tightly and there is no leaking and they clean up great in the dishwasher. I am very happy with these bottles and will be purchasing more.
I received this product FREE of charge in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.
Pratico Kitchen 18oz Leak-Proof Glass Bottles, Juicing Containers, Water / Beverage Bottles
by Pratico Kitchen


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