Crown Coast Umbrellas – Heavy Duty Compact Travel Umbrella

I was very pleased to get my Heavy Duty Crown Coast Umbrella as it has been raining a lot. This umbrella folds up small and is very lightweight. It opens and closes with the push of the button. That is not a feature I have encountered before. The umbrella also has a frame that will correct itself when flipped inside out by the wind. I have not been able to test that feature yet as there has not been that kind of gusting wind required for this purpose. When this happens to a regular umbrella they are destroyed and need to be thrown away. The Crown Coast umbrella has a lifetime guarantee so I believe that the frame will last. I also love that the umbrella is mold and mildew resistant. The handle is made from soft rubber and is very comfortable and non-slip. The umbrella comes in a range of colors and I purchased the turquoise which is lovely.
I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.
Crown Coast Umbrellas – Heavy Duty Compact Travel Umbrella | Windproof 60+MPH – Frame Won’t Break If Flipped Inside Out – Auto Open/Close Full Size Canopy – Durable 6000 Opens – Lifetime Guarantee


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