Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Rugged Kickstand Case

The Note 5 kickstand case by Cache Alaska is both rugged and protective and a perfect fit for my phone. The case has 2 parts a softer inner layer to cushion the phone and a rugged outer shell. I love the grips at the sides which make it easy to hold. Also the kickstand is a nice feature, enabling the phone to stand up and when not needed the kickstand just folds flat and stays in place. There is a 3mm tempered glass screen which is shatterproof and anti-scratch and seems very durable. Although there is kickstand attached the case does not feel too bulky when my phone is inside it, and it still fits in my pocket easily.
I received this product FREE of charge in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.512KrWDpTyL
Note 5 Case, Kickstand Feature, Fits Samsung Galaxy Note5, Tempered Glass Screen Protector provides Rugged Protection , anti-scratch technology, Guaranteed by CacheAlaska – Black
by CacheAlaska


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