The “Pure Relaxation” Bath Set From Fizz Bath Bombs

The “Pure Relaxation” Bath Set from Fizz Bath Bombs UK contains really huge baseball sized bath bombs. There are 3 in a package each weighing around 6 oz. The bath bombs are individually wrapped and the set is packaged in an attractive gift box. The bombs are handmade in the UK and from all natural ingredients with top grade essential oils and shea butter. In the Pure Relaxation set there are 3 destressing scents Rose & Petals, Lavender & Seeds and Romance.
I loved the Lavender fragrance; the bombs make lots of fizz and they made a very relaxing calming bath.
I found that my skin felt wonderful and moisturized afterwards. I love this set and the fact that they are not tested on animals and the company also has a 100% money back guarantee.
I received this product at a discount in return for my honest and unbiased review.91RwhRt0BML._SX522_
Giant Bath Bomb Gift Set for Ladies Who Love to Relax in the Bath. The “Pure Relaxation” Bath Set From Fizz Bath Bombs Includes 3 Massive Bombs in Relaxing, De-stressing and Calming Scents, Loaded with Shea Butter. Makes an Ideal Christmas Present for Her.
by FIzz Bath Bombs


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