Finally the solution I have been looking for…

I was very excited when I received Universal Clip Holder by eShopMind.  I work with my laptop and I phone all day every day and it is such a pain to switch between devices not to mention the hand and wrist fatigue. The Universal Clip Holder solves this problem. I can now work hands free.

I was skeptical of the Clips durability when I first opened the package but I have used this all day every day for a week and have not had any problems. The Clip is very solid and stays put and the arm is very strong and can hold your device in any position needed. It’s easy to adjust and rotate to get the perfect position. Although I am using this at home it could easily be used in the car, or on a bike etc.

My only suggestion would be that there should be a choice of colors but I like the yellow. Everyone who sees it is intrigued and asks me what it is.

I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.Link:

Universal Clip Holder


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